The Art Elective Programme (AEP) has been a leader in the education of artistic and creative youth in Singapore since its inception in 1984. The special programme caters to students with artistic potential, aptitude and passion. Students enjoy in-depth and holistic study of art through a dynamic curriculum taught by dedicated art educators. The AEP is offered at 7 secondary schools and 3 junior colleges. In addition, the AEP Centre also offers a centre-based programme for students who are not enrolled in AEP or EAP secondary schools.

Visit the AEP website for the latest programme details and contact information for enquiries. More information can also be found on AEP schools’ official websites.
What do we know about the daring that a young artist must muster in search of authentic expression? DARE: Dream, Articulate, Reflect, Explore presents the work of more than 500 students from the MOE Art Elective Programme (AEP) in celebration of the courage that they have found in themselves during their artistic pursuits.

Exploring the unfamiliar and the abstract, reflecting on experiences, articulating the most personal, and dreaming new possibilities – these are some of the ways the world’s beloved artworks and artists have inspired us. As you explore the myriad of artworks exhibited, observe how our young artists have also walked down these paths in their own ways.

Discover their unique ways of seeing, feeling, thinking, and making art. The artworks presented are precious expressions of daring at specific points in time, charting our young artists’ exploratory journey in art and in life.

Principals of the Art Elective Programme Schools and Junior Colleges for their support.

Art Elective Programme Teachers for their contributions and support throughout the various stages of the exhibition.

Art Elective Programme students for their never-ending quest for personal growth.

All who have contributed to the exhibition in one way or another.

aepe 2021
organising committee

ADVISOR : Low Joo Hong

CHAIRPERSONS : Teo Chor Howe, Xie Xueying

CURATORIAL TEAM : Lee Mun Yee, Mohd Afiq Bin Abdullah, Ong Xi Wei Grace, Priya V. Jothi, Sim Kim Hong

PROGRAMME & ENGAGEMENT TEAM : Lee Mei Hui Sarah, Teh Ting Ting, Wang Mo